An Information Guide To Maintaining Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone is quite durable and is an incredibly good choice for a fireplace! - fireplaces Perth

However, limestone is also rather soft and relatively porous, so it does require care in the householder to prevent stains and grubby marks spoiling the outer lining - especially for new limestone fireplaces!

A few important points for first time buyers!

Your limestone fireplace ought to be chemically sealed with a good quality sealant. The greater sealants do not change the colour of the limestone to any degree, but prevent easy penetration of possible stains from engaging in the stone. Your fireplace supplier should either seal your fireplace for you, (probably at extra expense) or provide a tin of liquid sealant that you should paint over the surface yourself (also probably at extra expense). These sealants cost around �20 or maybe more per tin, when you see one for significantly less, don't use it, as it might not be good enough, and could darken your limestone fireplace colour!

If you have a limestone hearth, this should be sealed twice. Leave the first coat to completely dry and then add the second. Be sure you do not apply too much sealer, as this could cause a change to the surface if soaked.
You might need to repeat the complete sealing process after about half a year or a year, specifically if the fireplace is for solid fuel. After that, your limestone fireplace will most likely not require any further chemical sealing.

Cleaning Limestone Fireplaces

The best way to clean off a grubby mark from your limestone fireplace is simply to use a clean cotton cloth dampened with very dilute dish washing liquid. Do not soak the stone though!

If you have coffee or wine etc, spill on your limestone fireplace surface don't panic, just clean it off thoroughly using a dampened cloth and everything ought to be fine. - fireplaces Perth

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